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A message to my followers (even you): i hope everyone has a great winter. wishing love, laughs, riches, happiness, and great times. happy new year!

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Pictures I accidentally took in Troy, OH.

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There’s a reason I’m like this there’s gotta be, and I know it’s a good thing.

Got my face all scratched up diving into bushes while innocent cars drove by

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"Life is Murder" is the first single and title track from Kal Marks’ latest album. The song features backing vocals from Krill’s Jonah Furman. The album is due out on September 17th through Midnight Werewolf, Sophomore Lounge, and Exploding In Sound Records.

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"I’m not over-dramatic, I just think too much."

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Talking to you makes my day


good morning long trail


good morning long trail

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